Neglect, lack of care

Well almost six months since I updated the site, don't know if it was bored or that I did not have anything to put up on the site. Now at the end of the year and in time for "coming soon 2008!" I will take the time to put in material.

Some of the pages that was under work, like "Games" and "Work" went fubar because of some cool code that in the end did nothing cool at all. So once I remake them and they have at least one string of text they will be klickable.

Well... that wraps up what Im doing, not that any of you blody internet surfer care.

PS. I cant find the damn original image for the banner, so i cant change the logo there!

jonivartiainen.com, small changes

Some time has gone by and the site is starting go get its site structure, stay tuned as more and more pages will open in the coming weeks.

Some that has visited before notice that the news section has opened, well this is the first section on the site to be opened after it was ready to be posted online.

While I still continue to improve the CSS on the site the look of the site will change in the future updates.